What does a full car service include

Mechanical Masters is a market leader in the automotive industry, where we provide comprehensive services with advanced techniques and equipment.

Mechanical Masters offers the following services:

  • Lube Service
  • Oil Service
  • Full Service
  • Timing Belt Service
  • Brake Fluid Service
  • Full Checkups
  • Battery and Maintenance Checks

Lube service ensures the greasing of the steering system and suspension system. Oil changes are also vitally important to maintain to ensure that the engine is running smoothly. Diagnostic testing also ensures that the compressor services and leak detection are caught in time.

Additional car services include full brake checks, shock absorbers check, suspension checks, windscreen wipers checks, exhaust checks and tyre tread pressure checks.

There are extensive techniques that Mechanical Masters incorporates into the full vehicle service offering. Additional services include antifreeze car services, inspection of the engine, wheel bearings as well as the replacement of pollen filters and the inspection of the air conditioning system.

Vehicles undergo significant wear and tear. By investing in a full car service for your vehicle, owners reduce the likelihood of replacing expensive components of the vehicle. A full car service includes the replacement for service scheduling, which includes fuel filters and spark plugs for example.

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